+ How do I install Stalingrad MOD?

 This is one way of installing the MOD, there might be others, too.

1. Create a new folder named "Stalingrad_MOD" in your computer, preferably in your "Program Files".
 1a. For example: "C:\Program Files\Stalingrad_MOD"
 1b. You can choose any other name than "Stalingrad_MOD".

2. Go to your "Xoperations" folder and copy it's content to the new "Stalingrad_MOD" folder.
 2a. Where the "xops096t.exe" is. For example: "C:\Program Files\xoperations"
 2b. If the "addon" folder is too big you don't have to copy it.
 2c. If you have a folder named "addmgr100b6", you better not copy that, too.

3. Download the and place it in the new "Stalingrad_MOD" folder.

4. Right click on the "" and choose "Extract here...".
   If you get asked whether you want to replace files or folders choose "yes to all"

5. Click on "STALIN GRAD.exe" to play the MOD.

6. Enjoy!