+ How do I install new maps?

 Very simple actually!

First you should have in mind that a map (or else mission) consists of two elements:
  a ".mif" file and a "mission folder".

The ".mif" file is a text file that contains the name of the mission,
 a few words by the creator and links inside the "mission folder".

The "mission folder" contains pictures and coded files.

You must put both of those files/folders inside the "addon" folder next to "Xops096t.exe",
 for example "C:\Program Files\xoperations\addon". If this folder doesn't exist you can create it.

The ".mif" file and the "mission folder" are both inside the compressed file (.zip or .rar)
 that you download from this site.

The ".mif" file and the "mission folder" may or may not have similar names,
 and their names may or may not have anything to do with the mission title.

A compressed file (.zip or .rar) may contain more than one missions or maps.

Once you have installed the files as above, you can open the game Xoperations.
 At the bottom of the mission's list you must find the "ADD-ON MISSIONS" button.
 Click on it and you will have access to the new missions.


Download the file .
Extract the file anywhere in your computer using a compression program
(for example 7-zip or Winrar).
The folder "snow cave" will be created.
Inside this folder you will find the following files and folders:

snow cave (folder)
snow cavedef.mif
snow cavekt.mif
snow cavedre.mif
read me.txt (is not needed)

The new "snow cave" folder (the one inside the other "snow cave" folder)
is the "mission folder".
And there are 3 ".mif" files which means that there are three missions.

Copy and paste all those files and folders,

snow cave (folder)
snow cavedef.mif
snow cavekt.mif
snow cavedre.mif

, inside the "addon" folder that we mentioned before.
Start Xoperations and go to the "ADD-ON MISSIONS" button.
The new missions should be there.