maps 一

<<  previous / next  >> "902-haikyo", nice little map, enemies waiting by the corner. (*****)  صورة "902-tonnneru", you can run, but you cannot hide from the zombies, test map.

air_ship.rar "As*_AIR SHIP", an air-ship, choose where to set your defense.

as.rar "As", some unusual missions there. "As_AnotherD", well, you can always try to escape. "As", two easy missions, two not easy missions. "ATOMBASE", infiltrate and steal the suitcase. "BOMB", frozen fighters, shoot at green... "CHARGE", a fortress in the style of Indiana Jones. "bio_intro", it's a trap.

Cy "Cy BASE", 3+2 missions in a rather complex underground base. "D-DAY", invade Normandy. "DEAD R SING", somehow the building got filled with zombies. "DEAD R SING", I don't think that you stand a chance.
dtown.rar "DTOWN", patience is a virtue. (*****)  صورة "A_TERO_STORIES", I guess you have to know Japanese; "BASE", nice small map with a train.

garrison_town.rar "GT_Mission", two missions in a small building. "GATES",a series of difficult missions, involving many enemies, especially Bill Gates. (*****)  صورة "GATES",a series of difficult missions, involving many enemies, especially Bill Gates. (*****)  صورة
Hide and "Hide and seek", where is the enemy?

hiko ".HOSPITAL", two missions in a hospital, one in a brick town. "hikou", a high speed train, where everyone is armed.

kanryu.rar "KANRYU", these are some really unusual missions.

M "Mega Force", 11 missions and some nice maps.

map_MilitaryTrain.rar "LLN_Mtrain",not a lot of room to move around. (*****)  صورة
map_Sbase.rar "Sbase", three missions in the secret base.

map_Shouse.rar "", and a secret house with three missions. (*****)  صورة "LLN_Stown", and of course, a secret town. (*****)  صورة "mountains", steep mountains. (*****)  صورة
normandy.rar "Landing Operation", another invasion of Normandy. "OMEGA BASE", just a test base. "onboro", pistol fight in a maze of small rooms.

port_def.rar "PORT_DEF", a transaction goes wrong, defend your friends. "DUEL BASE", big battles in a DUEL like map, for fast computers. "vs REX", two robots in the air. "SECRET_ARMS", 6 more "secret" missions. "SNIPE", sniping practice, shoot at the targets, not the civilians.

snow.rar "SNOW BASE", a more difficult version of SNOW BASE_DEF.

snow2.rar "SNOWBASE2", another snow base. "SO_STORY", a bank robbery in four faces. (*****)  صورة
street "STREET", a lot of zombies in the hood. "STREET", you can take a look at the STREET map.

Subbasement.rar "Subbasement", fight against a robot in a complicated underground construction. "test", small room, many people. "ZUZU_TRIAL", careful steps. "T ROAD", street fighting. "Woods", forest full of danger. "worm", some missions by Worm. (*****)  صورة
صورة "yama", you have to harry up, if you want to rescue Bill. (*****)  صورة "Z FACTORY", some zombies have revolted. "IMC_FACTORY", two missions in a robot factory. "EX", you can not escape from Osama.

MAZE_01_by_GR.rar "MAZE_01", rearrangement of the original MAZE (my own). (*****)  صورة "Console Wars", a complicated construction, if only the textures fitted better. ".HOSPITAL", steal the suitcase, "construction site", protect Saddam and yourself. (*****)  صورة "kids", a test map in the suburbs. "COLOSSEUM", you can safely watch the match.

pakuri.rar "pakuri_m", the grenades game.