maps 二

<<  previous / next  >> "TESTBILL", "SEA", 13 missions, let's hope that it doesn't mean bad luck.

774.rar "774", 16 missions, some good, some not so good.

774_2.rar "774", 2 more missions.

A.WORLD.WITH.NO.49.rar "CHAPTER", 6 missions, 3 maps: a bridge, a train, a military base. "ARIA", pistols ...and flowers on the table. (*****)  صورة "As...", 18 missions, some really good. "_CABBAGE", enemies on the trees, manga on the wall. "DEATH MACH", four doors in the sky, which way are they gonna come? "Downtown", follow the girl. "F9", colorful test. "FORT", 4 missions, a military base in white tiles. (*****)  صورة "GATES", a lot of enemies, you need a good computer for these maps. "Geno Side", 3 missions, more enemies in the classic duel.

house.rar "STRANGE HOUSE", strange mission.

INUTTI "INUTTI MAP", 50 robots, and 50x255 grenades. "JGR_CITY", find your way in the city of zombies. "ajun", the Great Manga in the sky, made for a mod probably.

KAPITALISMOS.rar "KAPITALISMOS", everyone against everyone, (my very own). (*****)  صورة "MAP 01", a lot of rooms, hard to loose the game, easy to loose yourself. "M.C.", 21 missions, not the easiest ones. "M.C.", one more mission. "MC_UNDERGROUND", classic underground, but more difficult. "BASE_EXT", find the leader inside the military base. "MOGI_SEN", don't fall into the hole, and take your cover. "test by namamugi", a room with "sea blue" walls and a sniper, test map. "DUEL", robots against soldiers (and the other way round) in the trenches. "TORIDE", four missions, four square buildings forming a square with one more building in the middle. "REMAINS", high stone made towers connected with bridges. (*****)  صورة "Shot", you are not gonna make it. "TC QEXE", push the man in white to his death and take his gun. "VR_TRAINING", 3 training maps, I prefer the third one.

worm_gundam.rar "worm_Gundam_1", soldiers hiding behind zombies, be aware of them all. "SNOWFOREST", a forest covered with snow and some mushrooms. (*****)  صورة "ZB-A", 8 missions, zombies all over the world.

1011.rar "test ccc", watch your step in this strangely constructed tower. "SEA_2KT1", another strange map, go figure!

asd.rar "d", heavily modified Training_Yard. (*****)  صورة "('G')_building", lots of zombies in the classic Building. "syougun", zombies and "osamas" in the classic Ruins. "MM05", fight against zombies and robots in a modified Alley. "MM08", big fight in a heavily modified Alley. "X2", another version of Alley. "MM12", a bad deal in the Downtown. "duel2", all ...around, and the guns in the middle, made for a mod. "MC_UNDERGROUND", 2 missions in the classic Underground, not easy. "[?]", strange building, simple mission. (*****)  صورة "OMAKE", only if you want to see zombies moving like bees. "SNOW CAVE",a really nice map with caves, bridges, tunnels, rivers. (*****)  صورة "STORAGE1", nice map of two warehouses on the water, the mission could be better though,
try F7(and left-right arrows) and F6(and enter). "002", you are a robot in a large war sheep, but there's only one enemy. "T ZONIBI", zombies in the mine. "JSEASIDE", "T ROAD", 3 missions by the sea, 3 missions in the town. "[U]", the enemy is hiding in the toilet, not an easy one. "warehouse", enemies behind every corner in this warehouse. (*****)  صورة "WHITE BASE", you will need both your snipping and assault skills. (*****) “801” , a park and a city.

Alcazar .zip “SYS_ALCAZAR” , two buildings facing each other and a duel in the middle, online map. “As” , 3 maps, a complicated one, a boring one, an impossible one. “[B.R.]” , three big buildings and a lot of enemies. “D_T” , you are a robot with a lot of enemies. “E” , a square building in the middle of nowhere.

gate.rar “gate” , you better run for cover, in this kind of duel map.

HAMP_OBUILDING.rar “OBUILDING” , a building with a helicopter on top, not easy. (*****)  صورة
stg.rar “stg” , a map of a ruined city, nicely made.

timecrisis.rar “TIME_CRISIS” , going down...

worm+.rar “worm”, old worm stuff, plus a snow town.

worm_cave.rar “worm_cave” ,  seashore and bunkers.

worm_combat.rar “worm_combat” , the online version of worm cave. “PD” , 11 maps, nice maps, nice missions. (*****)
 صورة صورة
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 صورة صورة “#Apart” , snipe them. “#grave” , fight against soldiers and zombies in a graveyard.

x('G') “('G')_SEA” , a test map of white levels.