Offline MODs:

kiken.rar An interesting, stand alone, off line, MOD of Xoperations96 with unusual weapon's behaviour. (*****)

puppet's_MOD_and_exe.rar Extreme weapons and armor modification for the off line Xoperations. A very good MOD that takes you back to the Second World War. Needs a few more adjustments, but still, very good. Might not run smoothly in older computers because of the details in the guns. Click here to see how to install it.  (*****)

Online MOD creators:

team unofficial map  editors
(older mod)

Combat_Xoperations OnlineMaps
online mod

Various MODs: A 3D physics test by nine-two (X operations co-creator). Use mouse, arrow keys, 0 key, F1-F2 and escape keys. (*****)