An experimental map.

map01.rar A nice, very dark map. (*****)
map02.rar A map with unusual stairs. A map for an online mod, where the players of one team are supposed to stand still.

007_Xops.rar A map of a damn, no mission. Replaces the classic PC with a television. A helicopter that you can put in your map. (*****) A map of a desert.

blackhawk.rar A blackhawk helicopter for your maps. (*****) A big robot that can fit many maps. (*****) Replaces the game's classic PC with a modern one. (*****) New gun sounds for the game. A map of a big house. Different versions of the game's PC, with the major japanese Xoperations sites on the screen.

bang and A new shot sound with the shell drop added, a little bit too loud. A plane in two versions that you can use in your map. Three interesting textures. Replacements for the "in game" computers. Various scopes and smoke effects. A good replacement for all the in game sounds. A few textures for your maps. A map of ruins and warehouses. Ridiculously big head.
Unbelievable!!! (*****)
"He thinks he is cool" dude.
WWII german uniforms, there is one with Saddam, too.
A puppet of president Putin that can replace an object in the game, even the case. (*****)