weapon 二

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8.8scope.zip Another interesting scope.

boltaction.zip A cool looking, bolt action sniper rifle.

calico.zip Special weapon with a very special magazine.

camera.zip Shoot them with the camera.

D_CASE.zip Turns the case into a girly handbag.

G36C.rar The highly advertised G36.

KAKU5ASR.zip Fictional weapon.

Karabiner98k_a.rar One of the most classic carbines.

karabiner98k_b.zip One of the most classic carbines.
L85A1.zip The British assault rifle.

m1-kanseisimasuta.rar Classic style shotgun.

m4_sopmod.zip With a green laser beam.

mp5_mp5sd.zip Well made, with scope and extra magazines.

RPG.zip Anti-tank RPG instead of psg1.

Santa_Claus.zip Santa Claus has joined Xoperations.

ski.zip Replacing your ump gun for a pair of skis?

sword.zip Replace the case with two swords.

sword_of_light.zip Turns the grenade into a sword of light.

tako_weapons.rar A 4 barrel small pistol, an uzi, and an imaginary rifle.

tokarev.zip WWII Russian army pistol.

tyabudai.rar Replacing a grenade with an explosive table?

XM8.zip The brand new XM8.

AK74M_b.zip 4 versions of the AK74M, including one with a bayonet.

AK74U_b.zip 4 versions of the AK74U, including one with a bayonet.

G36K.zip Various versions of the G36K.

M14_a.zip The M14 rifle.

M14_b.zip The M14 rifle, I suggest using the "M14_a", this version needs a little bit more work in the details.

M590C.zip Short shotgun.

minigunV2.zip Rotating machine gun.

SOCOM2.zip The Springfield SOCOM-II, oversized.

UMP_b.zip Various versions of the UMP.

None other than AKS74U.

Another version of M1 911.

The French sniper rifle and a scope.

A WWII german grenade.

Variations of the FN MAG.

A sniper rifle by Accuracy International.

The WWII german machine gun.

The Bizon submachine gun.