+ How do I run X operations in Linux?

 It is not difficult, not difficult at all,
 for an average user, such as myself, to run X opearations in linux.
 And what's more, the game runs fluently, you can even play online,
 and the same applies to most MODs (the ones I've tested, at least).

 Step by step...
(time required: 5 minutes the most)

A). You must install wine.
 It would be a surprise if there is not already a package
 for your distribution (rpm, deb, etc).

B). Find where wine has the "Program Files" folder (directory)
 ( probably:
/home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program Files
 You might have to enable the "View hidden files" option in your file browser,
 to be able to see the "
/.wine " directory.

C). Create a folder named "xops096", inside Program Files.
 Decompress the and move all the created files and folders
 in xops096 folder.
 Do the same with

D). Run wine's Configuration Tool from the menu (or type winecfg and press enter in a terminal).
 In the dialog that will appear, go to
Applications -> Add application... .
 Browse to xops096t.exe and add it to the list.
 Choose and highlight
 In the title bar of the window, you will see
" Wine configuration for xops096t.exe ",
 which indicates that you will be making a special configuration, especially for


 Go to Libraries -> drop down menu
New override for library:.
 Choose d3dxof , and Add it.


 Choose Edit , and Native (Windows) (or Native then Builtin).


 Then Apply.


E). Open wine's File Manager from the menu (or type winefile and press enter in a terminal).

 Browse to c:\Program File\xops096\, and double click on config4xops05.exe to configure the game.
 Save, and a file config.dat will be created, for the first time.


 Now you are ready to play the game!

F). Back in winefile double click on xops096t.exe
 ...and enjoy the game!!!